Know your rights for disability claims

Combat veteran disability claimMany veterans fail to file a claim for a disability because they are not aware they can or they feel their disability would not apply.

Disabilities do not need to be combat- or even work-related; they can be the result of such things as illnesses, sports injuries, injuries from unit PT, or car accidents on leave.

Any veteran with a current health problem they believe began as a result of their active duty should consider filing a claim with the Veterans Administration. Of course, the VA will not entertain the idea of a disability from a common cold or a sprain. Common sense must apply.

For those veterans already receiving VA disability for service-connected conditions, be aware that disabilities seldom improve over time; they normally worsen. If a veteran who is service-connected for a disability feels their disability has gotten worse, they should apply to the VA for a re-evaluation of their disability level.

Veterans who think they might have a disability caused by their service, or who feel that their already service-connected disability has worsened, are strongly encouraged to contact our office to inquire about this important benefit. We will be able to more fully explain the claims process, and will complete all the necessary paperwork for submission to Veteran Affairs.

For information on disability claims any other veteran benefits, please don’t hesitate to contact the VA at 1-800-827-1000 or your local Veterans Services Office at 704-216-8139.

Rick Johnson is Rowan County veterans services officer. Fore more information, contact him at 704-216-8139 or go online to

By Rick Johnson Special to the Post
Posted: Saturday, July 19, 2014 12:51 a.m.

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